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The best way for advertising merchandising to work is to offer a product that is useful, so that its advertising is much more visible. In this case, one of the star products and that more and more users are demanding, are USB memories. In our factory in China, you can find all kinds of personalized USB flash drives, so you can offer quality flash drives to your customers, while decorating them with the colors or logo of your company so that they are much more representative.

The modern printing techniques that we have, allow you to enjoy high-quality advertising USB flash drives thanks to our serigraphs. Likewise, you can find several different models, such as the key or the card, which also offer an original design.


These promotional pen drives are the pens of tomorrow. We live in a digital society where paper notes are increasingly falling into disuse. Taking this into account, it is always good to have an extra memory on hand, with a good capacity, to be able to borrow or copy documents at any time. Thanks to the small size they have, they are ideal to be able to carry them always with you and things are even better, when they have a special design such as the card and keychain mentioned above, since we can carry them much more easily.

One of the advantages of Buying USB Flash Drives in our factory in CHina is that we are dealing with an element that rotates easily. Borrowing USB is a fairly common practice and this happens between co-workers, to pass on different information, as well as with friends to share videos or any other type of content. A USB memory has the capacity to store any kind of multimedia content, so you can get more out of it in different situations. All this has the advantage that the more people our USB reaches, the further the business promotion can go. In addition, if we are original when choosing our design, whether with a striking color or an unusual design, we will be able to attract attention more easily and improve the brand image considerably.


Thanks to our modern printing techniques, you can practically have the USB flash drive you want, designed to suit you. If you want a USB memory with the corporate colors of your company, as well as if you want it to have a logo to use, there is no problem, simply choose the location of it and we will make your wishes come true.

In addition to this, the USB memory itself is already customizable. This means that we can offer larger or smaller memories, depending on the budget we want to set for ourselves. Much cheaper capacities that have 1GB, to more important ones of 32GB or 64GB.

It is a fact that the more capacity the USB has, the more performance we can get from it, however, this already depends on the market strategy that you want to adopt. You can choose perhaps between producing many more memories of a smaller capacity or choose to make fewer memories, but with a greater capacity.

The choice is yours, the good thing about this aspect is that you can customize it as you are most interested, adapting it to the needs of each moment.


Thanks to these USB memories, you will be able to advertise your company in a fairly simple way. Unlike other advertising media, such as posters or advertisements in the media, a USB stick is characterized by always going with the user.

As if it were a house key, carrying a USB stick can allow us to offer or receive information at a given time. In addition, there are a few interesting ideas that can be carried out with these USB sticks in between.

One of the most interesting examples would be in a photography business where, when we have developed all the photos, we can store them in one of these USB sticks, personalized with the name of our company, the telephone number and so on, and give them to the clients completely free of charge.

In this way, we are giving away the support of a service, which we have personalized with our advertising and which, surely, the rest of the users who go to see the photos together with our client will be able to see, thus recognizing the origin of such interesting gift.

On the other hand, in an agency or a legal business, a personalized USB flash drive can also be of great importance, in order to give the client all the digitized documents they have. In short, as entrepreneurs, we can use this type of digital storage to be able to offer a whole series of contents to our clients, so that in addition to being able to keep them, they can keep the support where they have received them, with all the advantages that this entails, having kept a completely free USB memory.


All these advantages invite us to think that a USB stick is one of the most interesting gifts when it comes to advertising merchandising. As you can see, it meets several of the necessary aspects to make it a most interesting gift. It is something cheap, so we can have a large number of them without spending a lot of money.

It is a useful object, which will ensure that it does not fall into disuse and that, furthermore, it can continue to function for many years and, finally, it is easy to pass from hand to hand and therefore to transmit the message that we have printed on it. the same, greatly improving the visibility of our business. In short, think about what you could do to make your USB memory unique, so that when someone takes it out of their pocket, other people will immediately identify it as a gift from your company.

Many of those present will surely want one for themselves and, therefore, it is quite possible that they will end up coming to your business, so the advertising service would be more than amortized, having achieved the purpose for which it was intended. originally conceived.

There are all advantages with a personalized USB memory, what are you waiting for to incorporate them into your business? Think about it and we will get down to work.

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