Data Service China USB Flash Drives

Our company has many years of experience in the sale of screen-printed or laser-marked USB flash drives, with which we have learned that many customers not only need a promotional flash drive for their company, but also want it to have special characteristics. On this page you can find our most popular services, from screen printing on the flash drive to data encryption, to optimize USB flash drives for your campaign.

Options for your USB Flash Drives

We offer the best services to make a usb flash drive special

Free Data upload

If your USB Flash Drive requires a pre-load of data so that your clients receive the content they want once you give them the USB, we can manage this task with ease. Whether they are documents, presentations, images, applications,… whatever you need, we can pre-load it on your promotional flash drive, saving you hours of work if you had to do it manually.

Unique 3D Designs

Undoubtedly, the best option to stand out in front of your customers is to differentiate yourself from traditional screen-printed pen drives by creating a unique USB in the shape you want, whether it is the logo, the mascot or the product you sell, the ideal solution as a corporate pen drive. These unique personalized usb flash drives are made of soft silicone. You want to know more? Visit our section of usb flash drives with shapes.

Corporate Pantone

In some of our models, the color of the promotional flash drive can be adjusted to the Pantone color of the company, just tell us what color you need and we will manufacture it. Obviously the impact of a logo on a USB in the same color as the brand is much more striking than if it is made in a standard color.

Permanent data upload

Even if you want the data you’ve uploaded to your custom memory to be unerasable, we can create a second partition on the usb that will be unerasable. In any case, the first partition will continue to be functional, so the client can add or delete data at will. This is the best option in case you want to prevent your flash memory data from being intentionally or accidentally modified by your client or third parties. Highly recommended for delivery of official documents through this support.

Password protected data encryption

If you want the information on your personalized pen drive to be private and that only the people you want can access the data, it can be protected with a password that you can distribute to your clients or employees. Thus, once the USB is connected, when trying to access the data, the user will be asked for a password, and if they do not have it, they will not be able to access the data.

Laser Engraving and Photographic Transfer

Many of our usb and flash drive models can not only be marked in Pad Printing or Serigraphy, but also offer many more customization options to ensure the detail you want. The most elegant option is to use a metallic usb model with a laser engraving on the promotional usb.

Also in many models where the marking area is wide, the photographic transfer technique can be used so that the image that appears is a photograph, this would be the ideal promotional gift for events such as weddings or communions where all the images of the events could be preloaded and thus be able to distribute it among the attendees. In any case, you can always opt for a screen-printed flash drive as the classic option for your company.

your own icon

If you want your brand to appear on your client’s computer in our China USB Flash Drive Factory once the USB stick is connected, the best option is to have a custom icon that will appear as an image of the drive you just inserted. You can also combine this function with usb autorun so that the application you want is executed directly and thus ensure that your client will see and use your application or web page.

Hiding files

If you wish, we can also hide files so that the content of your advertising flash memory is cleaner and without so many files, so that if you wish, the images or folders can be hidden and be accessible by the applications running on the USB. This solution makes it much easier for the user to access the data in the personalized USB and avoids confusion.

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