Custom USB Hubs With Logo China Factory

One of the technological advertising gadgets of the times you can find in our factoy in China are the custom USB hubs  with the company logo, since we have more and more devices to connect to the computer, whether they are mobile phones, external chargers, USB memories,… and computers more and more They have fewer USB ports. These advertising usb hubs allow you to connect several devices to their usb ports, and then it connects to a single port of the computer. With what in an easy and simple way the connection of all the devices is channeled in a single port. In addition, the design of these usb hubs to give away to customers and employees is very attractive, so it may be that this promotional item ends up permanently on the customer’s desk, which will give more visibility to the printed brand of the company. brand.


What is a usb hub?

A USB Hub is a gadget that contains several USB port inputs and these, being grouped together, can be connected to the computer using a single cable. In this way, it is possible to have several connections using only one port of the device. For this reason they are also known as USB power strips or USB thieves, since they have several “plugs”. This accessory arises from the need to have more ports on laptops, which are usually two and, therefore, when it is necessary to connect several peripherals at the same time, this becomes a very useful accessory.

What models of custom USB power strips do you have?

In this category you will see all kinds of personalized USB thieves to give away. There are simple models that have 4 ports and whose output can be with or without cable, being of economic prices to be able to reach more people. Then, there are more original designs for those companies that want to surprise their recipients, such as the Brick (in the shape of a brick), the Lumi (which has a lamp with 5 LEDs to generate a more outstanding visual effect) or the Spinner (with the shape of this toy), among other alternatives you will find.

How do you put the logo on the USB hubs?

Each Hub for advertising has its own techniques enabled to put the logo since, depending on the structure and materials, one option or another will be recommended. However, the most common are the following: Pad printing, which consists of the use of pads to put the image in one or more colors. Full color digital printing, designed for designs with a multitude of tones. Laser engraving, ideal for wooden cases. Finally, the drop of resin, to give relief to the print and protect it against knocks and scratches.

Can I order promotional usb hubs without printing?

Yes. Sometimes there are companies that already have their own machinery and only need advertising USB strips without any logo. For this reason, we have enabled an option without marking, so that the desired units can be purchased directly. If you want to place an order without a logo to speed up delivery times or have a cheaper price, it should be noted that, then, the advantage of hubs as a promotional tool will be lost, as it will be more difficult to associate the memory of the gift to the brand that delivered it.

How can I order multiple products?

You may want to add a custom logo mouse or webcam protector to your order, so you can make a set of tech giveaways. To do this, simply send us your virtual sample requests for each product in which you are interested. We will take care of sending you their designs with your image and the corresponding budgets. Of course, if you need additional advice, our team will be happy to help you.

In how many days will my order arrive?

Usually, the delivery time is about 5-7 days for logo USB sticks. This time varies depending on the model chosen and whether, finally, there is marking or not. When you select color, customization and quantity within the item page, you will see an estimate. This corresponds to our standard transportation service, which is free for the peninsula, and whose days must be counted from the approval of the graphic sample that will be sent from the Hub with the logo.

Custom USB Hubs With Logo China Factory

USB hubs are devices that allow multiple USB devices to be connected to a computer through a single USB port. They offer several advantages in the context of computer usage:

  1. Expandability: USB hubs allow for easy expansion of the number of USB ports available on a computer. This can be particularly useful for laptops or desktop computers with limited built-in USB ports, enabling users to connect more USB devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, external storage devices, and other peripherals.
  2. Convenience: USB hubs simplify cable management by consolidating multiple USB connections into a single hub, reducing clutter and tangling of USB cables. They also provide a central location for connecting and disconnecting USB devices, making it more convenient to plug and unplug devices without having to access the computer’s USB ports directly.
  3. Flexibility: USB hubs can support different USB standards, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1, providing backward compatibility and allowing for connectivity of various USB devices with different data transfer rates. They can also support different form factors, including desktop hubs, wall-mounted hubs, or portable hubs, offering flexibility in terms of usage and placement.
  4. Device Charging: Some USB hubs come with dedicated charging ports or “smart” charging features that allow for charging USB-powered devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or other portable devices, even when the computer is turned off or in sleep mode. This can be especially useful for charging multiple devices simultaneously or for charging devices that require higher power output than standard USB ports can provide.
  5. Mobility: USB hubs can be easily transported and used with laptops or other portable computing devices, making them convenient for users on the go who need to connect multiple USB devices to their laptops or tablets.
  6. Cost-effective: USB hubs are generally cost-effective solutions for expanding USB connectivity compared to other alternatives, such as adding expansion cards or upgrading the computer’s internal USB ports.

It’s worth noting that the performance of USB devices connected to a USB hub may be affected by factors such as the hub’s data transfer speed, power output, and the number of devices connected simultaneously. In some cases, high-bandwidth devices, such as external hard drives or high-resolution webcams, may perform better when connected directly to the computer’s USB port rather than through a USB hub. Therefore, it’s important to choose a high-quality USB hub that meets the specific needs of the devices being connected and consider the limitations of USB hubs in terms of performance and power delivery.

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