Frequently Questions About The USB China Factory

Frequently asked questions about our USB Memory Flash Drives Factory China

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you’re a fan of custom USBs. Let us tell you that you are in luck… You have just landed in the best store specializing in cheap custom usb flash drives. Here you will find a wide selection of advertising pen drives that you can also personalize with your company logo or the design that you like the most.

At The USB Factory we have been working with the best experts in recording and stamping of personalized USB Memory Flash Drives for more than 20 years. For this reason, we offer different customization techniques for these personalized pen drives. Among them, we highlight laser engraving and screen printing. Both techniques offer quality and long-lasting results. Even so, if you still have doubts about how we carry out the recording processes of our cheap advertising USB drives, you can contact us through our chat or our contact page

Can I customize your custom usb?

Oh Yes!. All our promotional usb cards for merchandising can be personalized with the design that you like the most. Choose the personalized pendrive that you like the most and engrave it with your company logo. We have been working with the best recording experts for more than 20 years and we offer the possibility of customizing our personalized pen drives in different ways. In the case of promotional usb flash drives, we recommend the classic screen printing, an economical option that gives very good results, you can also opt for laser engraving, which in addition to creating a very high quality print, offers an unlimited number of washes.

What kind of original personalized pendrive to give away do you sell?

In our online store you will find different models and types of original personalized Pendrives: from the classic personalized rotating USB sticks, to mini USB sticks, as well as personalized USB cards or personalized key-shaped USB sticks. You will be delighted to know that we also have cheap custom usb tailored.

What is the minimum order for your advertising USB sticks?

In general, in The USB Factory we work orders starting from 25 units since different printing and recording techniques are carried out in all our corporate personalized pen drives. Regarding the price, we must emphasize that we work by escalation. In other words, the price of our advertising merchandise will be reduced if the number of units increases. In the product sheet you will see all the price and unit specifications. However, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our chat or by sending an email to

Do you sell cheap usb drives?

At The USB Factory we are known for offering prices for all budgets. We know that price matters and that is why we offer a wide variety of inexpensive promotional items. Among them are our cheap personalized pendrives that you can also personalize with your company logo or the design that you like the most. In addition, you have at your disposal a price filter for which you can access our cheap custom usb.

When will I receive my original USB sticks?

We usually deliver in 3 business days. However, this time will vary depending on the logo usb stick chosen, as well as the printing technique. The indicated delivery period begins once we receive confirmation of the graphic sample.

Can I buy wholesale usb flash drives without customizing?

Of course!. At The USB Factory you can buy promotional usb sticks that you like with or without customization. Even so, we recommend that you speak with one of our recording and screen printing experts to study your case and give you a hand in deciding whether or not it is preferable to personalize these usb drives.

We don’t have to say so, but if you’re here, it’s because you know that custom usb drives are much more than just a promotional item. Custom USBs are the absolute kings of corporate merchandising. The reason is simple, in addition to causing a great impact as promotional gifts for the office, personalized pen drives are cheap, useful and 100% customizable. In this section you will find countless models of original pen drives that you can also customize with your company logo or the design that you like the most. Being a company specialized in advertising USB drives, we offer a wide variety of these advertising gifts: from the classic personalized USB cards with your company logo, to cheap USB drives, original pen drives, as well as mini USB drives. At The USB Memory Flash Drive China Factory we have been working with the best experts in advertising USB recording and screen printing for more than 20 years, so don’t worry, your logo will be in good hands.

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