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There is nothing better than seeing your company logo on a flash drive outside your environment. Pendrives with a logo make your company’s brand go viral. How many times have we seen that a USB memory with a logo has been left for us and we have given it to another person, and this in turn to another person. The truth is that USB flash drives with a logo pass from one hand to another and it is difficult for one person to handle them.

In fact, in many companies, the question: Does anyone have a USB?! It is heard often, so don’t hesitate and buy your USB flash drive or flash drive with logo at Here you can see a selection of pendrives with logo that we propose where you can be inspired to choose yours! Learn the multiple uses of a USB with a logo and how it can help you both professionally and personally, you can buy USB flash drives with an engraved logo in our online store at very affordable prices and from very small quantities.

As a gift to a client

As usb flash drives are a widely used and scarce office product in a company and office environment, the fact of giving a usb as a gift is something that customers appreciate, mainly for its usefulness. As it is a product that is also used at home, the client will also be able to use it in their immediate environment, not only visualizing the brand in the work environment, but also in the personal environment. Thus improving the impacts of your logo on the customer, which in the end will increase loyalty and awareness of your brand, and in the long run will bring an increase in sales.

For your company (as corporate article)

When talking about 360º Marketing, it is understood that the company’s communication has to be transmitted in all communication channels in the same way, both offline and online, and in the company’s different tactical advertising pieces. However, many companies forget to do this internal communication (Internal Marketing) only transmitting the brand and its values ​​to the outside world but not to their employees. The fact of giving away a USB flash drive with a logo and giving it to your employees will, first of all, make them feel happy to receive a gift of high perceived value and second, the brand image will be on all desks and meetings. Undoubtedly, giving away a personalized flash drive with your logo helps to create not only a brand image, but also a team image.

The trend: USB for weddings

One of the latest trends in wedding celebrations is to give away a personalized USB card with the wedding photos on both sides and the wedding photos recorded on the same memory or even a classic personalized pen drive with a wedding logo on it. the frontal and the photographs of the wedding recorded in the memory. The fact of giving away a USB memory with the photos of the event is a way for the guests, firstly, to save money (since they do not have to buy the paper photographs, which are always offered at the end of the banquet) and secondly, that once the photos are saved on their computer, they can erase the information on the personalized usb and use it for themselves at home or use it at work. If you have in mind to get married soon, we recommend that you consider personalized memories as a good alternative to the classic gift of a keychain or a cigar. In the end you will see that for the same price, you can make an impact gift and that in the end it will be in the daily life of each guest.

USB flash drives with 3D shape for companies

You can buy this product from China USB Flash Drives Manufacturers If what you are looking for is maximum personalization of your usb flash drives for your association, company, event or party. We recommend personalized USB flash drives with specific shapes of logo, product or shape,… any idea you have can be realized with a USB stick with shapes made of silicone and customized to your needs. Items such as keychains can also be added to make it more wearable. Undoubtedly, a type of promotional gift that will surprise your customers and make your brand image stand out from the competition. And for the price, don’t worry, a personalized USB with shapes is much cheaper than you think.

Personalized USB flash drives for Anniversaries, Celebrations and Communions

Weddings are not the only type of event where USB sticks are given away in a family environment, there are many other types of celebrations where in the final phase of the party a USB stick can be given to the guests as a thank you for attending the event. The good thing about these memories is that they are customizable, although they are usually printed with a company logo, they can also be personalized with the information of the event – for example “Thank you for everything Maria and Manuel, 12/10/2015” – or a drawing that represents the event – for example a cake or a couple -, also an age – for example “Celebration Marta Martinez 40 years” -. The possibilities are many, but the best thing is that data can be recorded in this flash memory, such as images of the life of the person celebrating the event, which makes this gift a very special gift since each guest will later You will enjoy at home remembering the moments that are in the photographs that have been pre-recorded.

Personalized Pendrives for Universities, Schools, Associations and Groups

Whether it’s raising money for a good cause, as a gift to new students or associates, or as flash drives for internal use, custom flash drives are a great way to make a good impression so users always know and feel proud of the brand. association to which they belong. There is no better way to create unity in a group of people than with promotional gifts, all wearing the same color, as if it were a soccer team. In the case of USBs for this type of groups or associations, we always recommend accompanying them with a lanyard that matches the color of the logo, so the visibility of the corporate color will be much greater. If you want, ask us about our personalized lanyards that we can also customize to match your personalized pendrive.

Solution for Design & Advertising Agencies

Many of our clients are design and advertising agencies that are working on advertising projects for large companies, whether they are events, product promotion campaigns, brand and image redesign,… in many of their projects we are asked to prepare proposals for their clients, since advertising memories continue to be an economical option for creating a brand image at events, fairs and advertising campaigns. If you are an agency, contact us as we are sure that we can find the best usb memory option for your client, and we give you the quality guarantee both in the memory (OEM Class A) and in the marking, both in screen printing, pad printing or laser marking. Also, if the agency needs a corporate memory to give to its clients, what better way to show their creativity than to give away an elegant USB memory with a spectacular engraved design or even to make their own 3D memory in the shape they want.

Don’t give a business card, give a personalized usb card with your portfolio!

On many occasions, as if you are a person with a commercial profession, it is common to give the business card at the beginning of each meeting. This business card includes the name, position, address, email and company logo. But what else does it say? Not much else, right?… One of the options that many companies are beginning to exploit is the fact of giving away a personalized USB card with the company and commercial data on the front and back, and adding pre-recorded files to your card. interior with company information (catalogues, presentations, images,…), this is added value! In this way, the potential client not only keeps the commercial data, but also all the information related to the company.

Also if you are looking for a job and you want to impress a company so that they hire you, because instead of giving a Curriculum Vitae you do not give them a USB card with your contact information printed and with your entire portfolio pre-recorded. You will certainly impress the interviewer and for an incredible price. Look at our prices, from 50 units and you will see how worth making this investment.

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