Data Upload USB Flash Drives

Have a professional data loading team that the best companies in the country trust daily Of course, your clients have a drawer full of unreliable, slow or low-capacity flash drives, we want them to forget about all of them. That is why it is so important to tell them that your PenDrive is fast, stable, with a 2-years warranty and more than 10,000 erasure cycles. Never settle for less again.

Here, in our factory in China, ​​we duplicate most of the USB Flash drives, SD, Micro SD, SDHC cards, as well as Hard Drives for our clients.

Data USB Flash drive china factory

Here everything is checked and verified to the highest degree of accuracy, providing fast and secure cloning. We have a long history of more than 25 years in which the USB Factory name has been synonymous with quality, security and commitment associated with data cloning and loading; now offering the largest duplication capacity in the country.

Our USB Flash drive data verification service offers you bit-by-bit copies, verified by hardware-based duplicators and constant double-blind checks. This means 100% guaranteed clones of the data you provide us. We offer, of course, the download and monitoring of your master through reciprocal verification through the MD5 Check Sum or check sum whose main purpose is to detect accidental changes in a data sequence to protect its integrity.

We do not use internet-enabled devices during the copy or verification process, which guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the data. We work with government departments, film distributors, labels and the main companies and brands guaranteeing the security and integrity of your data.

Our great capacity for simultaneous duplication allows us to offer very affordable costs and a very fast response to urgent orders.

SUPER FAST TERM: If you need us to load USB’s in shorter terms we can budget it for you.

We can also re-format drives, erase them or modify their format as well as ensure operation on machines that require a single partition.

Thanks to our experience in CD and DVD mastering, we can ensure that compatibility issues between the master formats and the USB format are easily resolved, eliminating the need to involve third parties.

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