Eco Twister USB Drive 3.0

USB Flash Drive ECO Twister versión 3.0

ECO Twister 3.0

ECO Twister 3.0 Flash Drive

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The eco friendly twisting USB stick Version 3.0 made from recycled materials.

The classic twist USB drive versión 3.0 is one of the best selling promotional flash drives. However we thought it deserved an eco friendly facelift and here it is! This eco friendly twist drive is made from recycled paper and it’s hard to believe. The recycled paper housing is durable and stylish, whilst remaining eco friendly.

The swivel mechanism eliminates the need for a separate lid. Whilst the recycled paper shell makes the perfect backdrop for your logo. They can be personalised on both sides with a logo of your choice. Simply send us your artwork and we take care of the rest.

This product is made from recycled materials so each product may vary slightly in colour.


We offer all customers the opportunity to customize all models for free next to the chosen Pendrive. All you have to do is upload the logo when you are selecting all the information in the cart on our website. Once all the information has arrived, we will send you a free digital test to see how it would look on the sent model.

Free Data Pre-Loading up to 2GB

Along with your USB stick order, we offer to pre-load your presentations, product catalogues, or other data up to 2GB for free! A small surcharge is applied for larger amounts of data.

Pre-loading data on promotional flash drives is becoming increasingly popular. When you buy branded memory sticks, you are also buying a lot of data storage, so why not make use of it by pre-loading your sales material and other key documents onto the sticks before they are distributed? This is an excellent option for promotional flash drives that are handed out at sales shows/events or for branded memory sticks that are given to delegates at the end of a conference, seminar, or press event.

With any flash drive, it is possible to create two “virtual” drives called partitions. The benefit of partitioning a drive is that you can pre-load and protect (lock so it cannot be deleted) your data while giving the user a separate partition for using as they please.

A partitioned USB drive works in exactly the same way as a non-partitioned drive except that it will appear as two separate “virtual” drives when inserted into a USB port of a PC or Mac – typically one will contain pre-loaded files that can be viewed but not deleted, the other drive will be left free for the user to load on any files they wish.

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