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A custom USB cable charger typically refers to a USB cable that has been modified or customized in some way to suit specific needs or preferences. USB cables are commonly used for charging various devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more. Here are some ways you can customize a USB cable charger:

  1. Cable Length: You can have a USB cable customized to be a specific length. For example, you might need a longer cable to reach a power source that’s farther away, or a shorter cable for less clutter.
  2. Color and Design: You can choose the color and design of the cable’s outer casing. Some companies offer customizable cable designs, allowing you to add logos, patterns, or text to the cable’s exterior.
  3. Connectors: You can select the type of connectors at each end of the cable. Common connectors include USB-A, USB-C, and micro-USB. The type of connector you need depends on the devices you want to charge.
  4. Data Transfer Compatibility: Some USB cables are designed specifically for charging and may not support data transfer. Others support both charging and data transfer. Customizing a cable might involve specifying its data transfer capabilities.
  5. Durability: You can request a cable with enhanced durability features, such as reinforced connectors, braided cables for added strength, or even waterproofing for outdoor or rugged use.
  6. Special Features: Depending on your needs, you can customize a cable to include additional features, such as LED lights that indicate charging status or magnetic connectors for easy attachment.
  7. Branding: If you are a business, you might want to customize USB cables with your company logo or branding for promotional purposes.

To get a custom USB cable charger, you can approach manufacturers or retailers that offer customization services. Some companies specialize in creating custom cables to meet specific requirements. Be prepared to provide detailed specifications for the cable you want, including the type of connectors, length, design, and any special features you require. Keep in mind that customization may result in a higher cost per cable compared to off-the-shelf options.


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Handy printed charging cables are a nice way to share your logo with employees, customers, and prospects! Anyone with an iPhone or Android cell phone can appreciate personalized USB charging cords as a thank-you or welcome gift. These charger cables use a USB plug to attach to a computer tower, laptop outlet, or an outlet in most newer cars for the needed power. Additional plugs to fit iPhones, Android phones, and other devices, including A, C, Lightning, and micro-USB plugs, are offered in some of these models—please read the product details for each model. These personalized phone charging cord options also help keep their devices going when they are navigating on longer trips. Choose from dozens of promotional charging cables, including light-up logo and keychain options!

All our Custom Charging Cables can be used for any event. Some companies purchase them simply to give to their clients, while others distribute them at fairs with catalogs or relevant information or at important events.

Some of them, due to their design, are specifically tailored for companies and businesses in that field. If you are a company and want to explore all our models, it’s best to visit our Custom Charging Cables, as it is the most comprehensive and generic. If you are looking for models of led light charging cables, please visit our page dedicated to USB Drives for Photographers. You can also follow this link to see more models of Recycled charging cables.

Request a quote for the Charging Cables With Logo and we will respond within 24 hours to expedite the order, which will be delivered within 5 to 7 business days from order confirmation.

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