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Wheat Straw Power Bank

Wheat Straw 5000 mAh Pocket Powerbank China Factory

Wheat Straw Powerbank

Wheat Straw Powerbank 5000 mAh China Factory

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Ultra-compact 5,000 mAh powerbank made of natural wheat fiber (35%) mixed with ABS that fits in your pocket so perfectly that you can take it wherever you go. When fully charged, it will provide enough power to recharge your mobile phone up to three times. The powerbank contains a long-lasting 5,000 mAh Grade A high-density lithium-polymer battery. With double USB port. The power indicators will indicate the remaining power level so you always know when to recharge. 5V/2A input. USB 1 output: 5V/2A USB 2 output: 5V/1A

Wheat Straw Power bank china factory

Wheat Straw Power bank china factory

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Dimensions 30 × 26 × 17 cm