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In The USB Factory China we have expanded our catalog of USB memory sticks to offer you all the possibilities that exist in the market today.

With different capacities so that you can choose the one that interests you the most, we have standard, shaped, ultra-flat models, and everything you can imagine.

We offer you advertising pen drives in different colors and materials that you can customize with your logo. Discover our catalog of USB memories Flash Drive and pen drives, the best quality at the best price!

In our catalog you can find different models of personalized USB sticks adapted to different needs. USB memory sticks and advertising pen drives available in different capacities and transmission speed.

Discover a wide variety of colors and shapes so that you can find the model that best matches your corporate identity. Models adapted to different budgets and needs: for universities and colleges, for fairs and congresses, for companies of all kinds that want to digitize their catalog of products or services.

Choose your corporate USB Memory Stick model and ask for your personalized budget without obligation!

BUYING GUIDE – Everything you need to know to choose the Personalized USB Memory and the Advertising Pendrive with your company logo

Do you want to buy personalized USB memory sticks for your company and you don’t know which one to choose?

Personalized USB sticks are the technological gift par excellence, very popular for years. It could be said that they are the star gift that many companies choose to retain or reward their customers. Compared to old storage systems, for example floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, USB memory sticks are more practical and allow connection to televisions, tablets and computers.

All this justifies why advertising pen drives continue to occupy a leading position within promotional company items and are an alternative widely used by companies as advertising support in their marketing actions.

At present there is a great diversity of models with different characteristics. To help you choose, we have created this guide to buying custom USB flash drives and pen drives.

At The USB Factory in China we work to offer you the best prices on the market. With more than 20 years of experience in the advertising claim sector, The USB Factory is your safe choice. Choosing the perfect custom flash drive has never been easier!

Personalized USB Flash Drives for companies: Characteristics of Advertising Memory Drives

Personalized USB sticks are one of the most in-demand tech promotional gifts. Due to their functionality and wide possibilities, they are a very profitable gift for any marketing campaign that you want to propose.

Promotional USB drives belong to the category of technological business gifts and are also known as pen drives, pens, USB stick or external memory.

USB memory sticks are data storage devices that can be connected to computers, tablets or any other device with a USB input such as Smart TVs or consoles. As a promotional gift, promotional USB sticks bring many benefits.

They are very versatile and are perfectly adapted to all kinds of marketing actions. In addition, they are a very practical and functional gift that we can use to store our favorite photos, work documents, etc.

They are a type of promotional item that can fit in all types of companies, although their most frequent uses are focused on companies that attend fairs and congresses, or entities related to education, such as schools and universities.

Since the advertising USB flash drives arrived in the world of promotional gifts, they have not stopped growing and increasing in possibilities, models and characteristics.

Main Features of USB Flash Drives

Personalized USB sticks that are used as promotional gifts have certain characteristics that make them fit very well as a business gift.

It is important that you know these characteristics to be able to choose a model adapted to your needs and budget, and that also fits with the target audience you are targeting:

Storage capacity: Regarding the storage capacity available in promotional USB drives, currently we can find a wide variety, from 1GB to 32GB. The price varies, with the least storage capacity memory being the cheapest.

Data Transfer Speed: Data transfer speed refers to how fast the device is to transfer the data. It is measured in MB / s. The most common in USB memories is version 2.0 (a high transfer speed, 60 MB / s), although there are also 3.0 models with a higher transfer speed.

Opening Mechanism: The opening mechanisms in personalized pendrives are the rotating system, the retractable system and the hood system.

Materials: Today, there is a wide variety of materials that are used in the manufacture of corporate USB drives. The most common is plastic, but metal, aluminum, stainless steel, and other more ecological materials, such as cork or bamboo, are also used.

Shape and thickness: There are models of advertising USB memory sticks, credit card type, extra-thin, very easy to transport and store. And memories with shapes or relief that can be customized according to the client’s taste. Custom-shaped models usually require a higher minimum order, since it must be made with a custom mold and manufactured for that purpose.

Colors: Depending on the material in which the promotional USB memory is made, we can find a greater or lesser variety of colors. Normally, memories made of plastic allow greater versatility in this regard. There are even models that can be customized with the client’s pantone color. In these cases, a minimum order higher than the standard is usually required.

Extra Accessories: Some models of personalized pen drives may include additional functionalities that add greater value to the item. This is the case of the keychain model pendrives, or those that incorporate a flashlight. There are also pen drive models.

Did you know that USB Flash Drives With Logo are one of the most demanded technological items as a business gift?

Benefits and advantages of Personalized Advertising USB Flash Drives

Promotional gifts bring many benefits to companies, which use them for their marketing actions, to build customer loyalty or as a gift at events. Be that as it may, at present the vast majority of companies use these advertising gadgets, which allow them to more effectively impact their customers, without them perceiving it as an advertising action. That is why it has greater scope and more advantages.

It is a gift that has a very long useful life, which your customers will put to good use to store their photos, files or other documents. This functionality is undoubtedly the reason for its great popularity.

With regard to promotional USB flash drives, the advantages and benefits they bring to companies are:

They generate a greater impact and reach. The use of promotional USB sticks to give to customers, amplifies the reach of the brand, since they are a gift that can be used in the day-to-day life of anyone, both in the office, to store documents, or in the environment. leisure, to save your favorite photos.

They are a very versatile gift: This type of technological article fits perfectly in all types of companies, and in all types of advertising actions. As it is also a small object, it is easy to transport and does not take up space. All this makes personalized USB sticks true gifts of success.

They are a practical and useful gift: Advertising pen drives are a type of technological gift that brings real value to the customer who receives it. You can use it in your day to day, both for work and for your hobbies, so it is a gift that you value very positively.

They generate greater engagement with the brand: Being a very practical gift that adds real value to the customer, it increases engagement with the brand. And it improves the way the customer perceives the company.

They help in the customer loyalty strategy: Marketing actions that include promotional gifts bring many benefits to the company and help build customer loyalty. That is why they are so used by the vast majority of companies.

They are a very profitable investment: The investment made in the purchase of corporate USB drives pays off as it generates a high impact and achieves a great reach for the brand.

They are not perceived as advertising: When we give a personalized pendrive to a client, it is not perceived as an advertising action, creating a more favorable and receptive environment, and a greater bond between the client and the company.

It has a very long shelf life: It is a gift that has a very long useful life, which your customers will put to good use to store their photos, files or other documents. This functionality is undoubtedly the reason for its great popularity. If you give your customers a USB memory, you are giving away an item that they can use for many years, since, in the vast majority of them, up to 10,000 writes can be made.

Branding Options with USB Flash Drives for Businesses

Promotional USB flash drives and memory sticks have become one of the star corporate gifts in a multitude of marketing actions. Whatever event you want to organize, be it a fair, a company dinner or a one-off action, with USB sticks you will achieve the impact you are looking for.

Personalized USB sticks are the perfect promotional gift for any marketing campaign. They are the technological gadget par excellence for its versatility and great functionality.

They are the ideal gift for companies that want to attend fairs or congresses, since in the personalized pendrive with their logo they can include the catalog of their products or services and deliver it to visitors in a much more comfortable digital format that does not occupy the place that occupied the traditional printed catalogs.

Likewise, it is an article widely used in the education sector, in schools and universities, since it allows to include the syllabus or the practices in a comfortable digital medium that is easy to carry anywhere.

In short, a perfect gift, very practical and that your clients will surely use to store their photos, documents or files.

USB Flash Drives for Fairs, Congresses and other Company Events

As we mentioned before, one of the most common uses of advertising pendrives is to use it to store in digital format the catalog of products or services of the companies that attend a fair, and then deliver it to the visitors who come to your stand.

It is a very practical gift that can then be used later to store other files, such as photos. In this way, they are advertising items that are used in people’s daily lives, facilitating brand recall and increasing ties with it.

For all this, it is one of the preferred gifts for companies when they attend fairs and congresses to give to all visitors to their stand. It is perfect for large, medium or small companies.

Custom USB Drives for Colleges and Universities

Another very common use of personalized USB sticks is for the education sector. Colleges and universities often use this type of promotional gift to give their students the syllabus, practices or other important documents necessary for their training.

This use today has also been extended to different courses or non-regulated training sessions, since they offer a high value to attendees, and generate a constant brand memory in them when they later use the pendrive.

USB Flash Drives for Political and Electoral Campaigns

If we talk about political merchandising, there are undoubtedly many options in promotional gifts. Personalized pen drives are also an option that is being used more and more by political parties when they hold party events and congresses, or when they are on an electoral campaign.

Personalized USB sticks for political and electoral campaigns are a very profitable gift, requiring a low investment and generating a high advertising impact. In addition, they generate a greater closeness with the voter.

USB Flash Drives as Gifts to Customers

Another possible use of promotional USB sticks is as a gift to customers. As part of the loyalty strategy, promotional gifts contribute to generating a greater bond and closeness with the customer, increasing their engagement with the brand and making the customer perceive the company more positively.

USB flash drives as a gift to clients will help you make your clients value you more positively. In this way, you will be able to retain it more easily. You can give promotional USB sticks to your clients on special dates, such as Christmas, or as a reward for their trust and loyalty to your company. You can always find a good excuse to have a detail with your clients and give them a useful and practical promotional gift such as corporate flash drives.

Storage Capacity in Our USB Flash Drives Factory For Corporate Pendrives with Logo

One of the aspects on which we must decide when buying advertising USB memories is the storage capacity we want. And to choose the optimal storage capacity, we must define what we want the pendrives for and who we are going to give them to. Because it is not the same to give personalized flash drives to visitors to a fair than to give flash drives as a Christmas gift for special customers.

Taking into account that the greater the storage capacity, the higher the price of the USB memory flash drive, it is evident that it will be necessary to limit the budget according to our objectives, allocating a greater budget when we want to make a gift of more importance, and reducing the budget when we want to allocate it for example to a fair or congress.

We can define the storage capacities in corporate USB sticks in the following sections:

Custom USB sticks up to 8GB: The most common storage capacity for custom USB sticks is 8GB. Lower capacity memories are becoming rare, but those capabilities can still be found on some inexpensive models. They are very frequent capacities for USB models that you want to give away at fairs and congresses, since they allow you to conveniently store catalog information and are very economical options.

Custom USB sticks from 16GB to 32GB: In the next section we find options for custom pen drives between 16GB and 32GB. This increased capacity increases the price of the promotional USB stick, making it a higher value gift geared towards more exclusive gifts, such as customer loyalty gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.

Custom USB sticks from 64GB to 256GB: Personalized USB sticks over 64GB are already more exclusive gifts, with a higher price. They allow a greater amount of information to be stored, making them more exclusive gifts.

Data Transfer Speed ​​in ou USB Flash Drives and Advertising Memory Sticks for Businesses

The speed at which data is transferred on a USB stick also influences the price. In such a way, that the higher the transfer speed, the higher the price. In this sense, USB Flash Drives can be classified according to their transfer speed in the following categories:

USB Flash Drives 1.0 – Low Transfer Speed: This transfer speed is the slowest and the oldest of all. It can reach a limit of 1.5 Mbit / s (188 kB / s). This transfer speed is no longer used in USB sticks, but is relegated to keyboards, mice and webcams.

USB Flash Drives 2.0 – High Transfer Speed: The most common in advertising USB sticks is 2.0 as the data transfer speed. It can reach a limit of up to 480 Mbit / s (60MB / s). It has two lines for data and 2 for high-speed power.

USB Flash Drives 3.0 – Super High Transfer Speed: In these cases, the transfer rate can go up to 4.8 Gbit / s (600MB / s). Compared to 2.0, it is up to 10 times faster in transfer speed. Personalized 3.0 USB memories are not so common, since their price is higher, so they are used more for more exclusive gifts to customers.

From the 3.0 speed, new variants have emerged, 3.1 at a super speed, but it is no longer common to find it in advertising USB sticks.

Opening Mechanism in Our Corporate USB Drives with Logo

Promotional USB sticks can have different opening mechanisms. This is another of the characteristics that you will have to decide on before buying your personalized pendrives:

Rotating custom USB sticks: The rotary opening mechanism is one of the most common in advertising pen drives. It is an economical system that consists of leaving the USB connector visible when the part that covers it is turned.

Retractable custom USB sticks: The retractable mechanism is also a frequent option in corporate pen drives. In these cases, the USB connector is retracted, and in order to use it we must activate the retractable mechanism. This mechanism can be manual, activated by sliding a button; or automatic, by pressing a button to eject it.

Personalized USB flash drives with cap: This type of promotional pendrives are the least practical, since to make the connector visible, we must remove the cap that covers it, and we can lose it.

Check out all our USB memory stick models, available in various colors, formats and capacities. And if you have questions about the model that best fits your budget, do not hesitate to contact us.

Housing Materials in Custom Business USB Flash Drives and Promotional Memory Stick with Logo

The most suitable type of material for the personalized USB memory will depend on what we want to achieve, what our objectives are and what we need them for.

If we want a cheap USB memory, the options we have are plastic and metal. These advertising USB sticks can be the most appropriate when the company wants it for a fair or congress, with the aim of including the digital catalog or presentation of the company and giving visitors as a presentation letter. In these cases they are the most appropriate choice, because they require a reduced investment and they manage to perfectly cover the objective.

However, if we want to give our customers a gift for Christmas, or for a special act or customer loyalty action, we can choose more noble materials, such as leather, wood and even 100% custom shaped options.

In any case, it is always important to first define our objectives and budget, and adapt the type of advertising USB memory to these premises.

Plastic USB Flash Drives With Logo: The most common material used in the manufacture of the housing or cover of promotional USB memories is undoubtedly plastic. It is a resistant, inexpensive material and also allows different shapes. In addition, it is possible to find plastic advertising USB sticks in different colors, some models even allow you to choose a specific pantone for higher volume orders.

This provides a much higher level of customization, being able to adapt it 100% to the company’s corporate color. Some plastic advertising pen drives may also have metal parts. This is the case of the classic USB flash drives with a rotating mechanism, where the body is made of plastic and the rotating part of metal. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most requested models by companies.

The plastic pen drives can be personalized with pad printing or screen printing, from 1 to 4 inks, depending on the model, this being one of the most economical marking techniques.

Metal USB Flash Drives With Logo: Another of the common materials in the elaboration of the housings of the corporate pendrives is the metal. Here, the most widely used options are stainless steel and aluminum, which have very good properties and are widely used in many promotional items.

These types of materials do not support colors, so they are more limited USB memory, if what you want is a specific color.

Regarding the customization options in advertising USB memories, we can do it in pad printing or screen printing, up to 4 inks. Or by laser engraving, which does not support inks. The result is elegant and durable.

Wood USB Flash Drives With Logo: A very elegant option is wood. The promotional pendrives made of wood provide a touch of distinction, which fits very well in business gifts for Christmas and corporate gifts to clients. Wood is a noble material of great beauty that is sometimes combined with metal.

Wooden advertising USB sticks are usually presented in the rotating or capped model. The type of customization possible in corporate wooden pen drives is pad printing and screen printing, which can be done with 1 to 4 inks, and laser engraving, which achieves a very elegant finish, although it does not allow colors.

Cork USB Flash Drives: This material is also a sustainable option, widely used in the manufacture of ecological advertising gadgets. Although there is currently a limited variety of models, it is possible to find options that fit perfectly with companies that seek to convey to their clients the importance of taking care of our planet.

In terms of available colors, personalized cork memories do not offer variety, since they are presented in the natural color of the cork.

The type of customization that can be carried out on this type of promotional pen drive is through screen printing and pad printing, from 1 to 4 inks.

Recycled Cardboard USb Flash Drives: Another increasingly used material in the advertisement industry is recycled cardboard. It is a material that adapts very well to different types of promotional items, which is why it is on the rise. Recycled cardboard advertising USB sticks are the right choice in companies committed to caring for and respecting the environment, and they are perfect in campaigns aimed at transmitting these types of values ​​for greater social awareness.

The options in colors are not usually varied, since the recycled cardboard pendrive is presented in its original color. The customization that we can do on the advertising pen drives made of recycled cardboard is with screen printing and pad printing of 1 to 4 inks, depending on each model.

Customization of Advertising USB Flash Drives and Corporate USB Sticks: Types of Marking

The type of marking to be carried out on advertising USB memories can vary and depends on the type of pendrive and the material in which the casing is made. Each technique has a cost, so it is necessary to determine the budget to allocate, and based on it, decide the type of customization that best suits. At nosolodulce we offer you all the marking techniques available:

Pad printing: It is one of the most used options for personalizing small promotional items. Its price is economical and it is perfect for printing logos on flat, curved or irregular surfaces. It is a suitable technique for the vast majority of advertising pen drives.

Serigraphy: It offers a very good result and allows the printing of 1 to 4 inks. It can be used on any type of surface and material.

Laser engraving: This technique is used to engrave logos on metal or wooden advertising pen drives. Laser engraving allows for greater durability and a perfect finish is achieved.

Thermoengraving: This option is suitable for promotional USB sticks made of leather or leather. High-quality and durable customization is achieved, adding a touch of exclusivity to your gift.

Drop of resin.:This technique is available only for certain models. Create a relief with the logo, which can be in full color. Provides a touch of class and elegance. It allows many possibilities, to give your brand the notoriety it needs.

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